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A comfortable house or building is neither too hot nor too cold. To contribute to the comfort of your home or business, it is essential to have an efficient and reliable commercial or residential air conditioning system, especially with our increasingly hot summers in Ottawa and Gatineau. At SAF Combustion, we have certified air conditioning specialists in Gatineau to help you when repair costs or temperature increase far too much for your taste.

Our commercial and residential air conditioning systems


Heat pumps, high-efficiency air conditioning, central air conditioners… No matter what your air conditioning system is, we are here to help you save money and keep heat and humidity outdoors!

A central air conditioner or wall-mounted air conditioner plays an essential role in the comfort of a home or business. In the middle of summer, when the heat wave strikes, you need a reliable and energy-efficient air conditioner.

Heat-pumps are generally connected to the electrical grid and use geothermal or aerothermal energy to control the temperature in a building or house. A heat pump is capable of transferring heat from the ground or air to another location.

Our specialists will be pleased to explain the various commercial or residential air conditioning systems available. We will help you find the best air conditioning solution in Gatineau and Ottawa for you and your home.

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