There are many ways to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner. Summers are hot and humid, so it is important to make sure your air conditioner is performing as efficiently as possible. Here’s what you can do to reduce the heat and make sure your equipment is operating at its optimal capacity.

Have your air conditioner be inspected at the early part of the season.

By having your air conditioner inspected by professionals at least once a year, you’ll be assured that it’s in good running order before you need to turn it on. Keep in mind that not maintaining your equipment can reduce its lifespan and possibly lead to premature malfunction.

Remove or change furnace filters.

Remove or change the filters in your unit every three months, even in hot temperatures. Blocked filters mean that your furnace motor will eventually work harder and use more energy.

Clear surrounding area around the condensing unit. 

With most air conditioning systems, the condenser is located outside the residence and tends to accumulate nearby debris. Remove the debris and cut any grass or weeds surrounding the unit that could obstruct the airflow of the condenser fan.

Consider these extra cooling advice:

  • Be sure to take the winter cover off the air conditioner before turning it on for the first time. Keeping the blanket in place could lead to even greater damage. The outdoor unit must be able to release warm air. If it cannot do this, it may overheat and eventually malfunction. 
  • Reverse the orientation of the ceiling fans so that they rotate counterclockwise, blowing air straight down. This will redistribute the warm air that is trapped near the ceiling and make the room cooler.
  • Close blinds and curtains on all south and west facing windows when you leave the house during the day. This will keep the house cool, reduce the amount of time your air conditioner operates when you are away from home, and lower your energy bills.
  • Advanced maintenance and repair of air conditioners can be dangerous and is therefore preferable to have it done by professionals. Please contact SAF Combustion professional technicians to do the job for you.