When it comes to the design of a residential or commercial heating system that meets your needs, there are many factors that affect it, like the size and age of your home, the number of rooms, the design of the ducts, the level of insulation and much more.

Efficiency is the key word at SAF Combustion. That’s why we make sure to offer you heating appliances, such as electric or gas furnaces, that meet the most stringent standards in the industry. A quality furnace not only improves the quality of life and comfort, but also safety within a building.

Don’t be afraid of the cold and harsh winters that are taking place in Ottawa and Gatineau! Get one of our electric or gas furnaces today!

Our residential or commercial heating appliances


SAF Combustion offers a complete line of high quality furnaces as well as other energy efficient boilers, heat pumps and heating systems.

Reduce your energy costs and benefit from improved reliability. A high efficiency furnace significantly reduces fuel and energy costs and provides years of reliable and trouble-free service.

We also offer a variety of gas furnaces.

The heat pump is an increasingly popular choice for many people to heat their homes because of its extremely high efficiency and environmental friendliness. It absorbs a quantity of heat and redistributes it in a house. This system is also used in air conditioning.

Boilers are another way to heat your home using the thermal properties of water. The water is heated in the gas or electric boiler and then routed through a piping system throughout the house.

Radiant floors, ceilings and walls use radiant heating to heat a house. This system is usually combined with a hot water boiler or heat pump to heat a room.

  • Natural gas appliances: BBQs and fireplaces

We also have certified people on our team to connect many natural gas-fired appliances, such as natural gas fireplaces, gas BBQs, pool heaters and patio heaters.

Let SAF Combustion help you find the best residential or commercial heating solution for you and your home or your business.

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