In the Gatineau area, most propane BBQs can easily be converted to natural gas. This type of power supply allows significant savings to be made while being safe. In addition, in the event of a power outage, your appliances connected to natural gas would remain operational.

A BBQ connected to natural gas for a flaming cooking!

At Saf Combustion, through our natural gas line connection service, we offer the possibility to get rid of propane bottles forever by connecting your barbecue directly to the city’s gas supply system. This saves you the exhausting and frustrating task of continually buying a new cylinder when yours is emptying halfway through the cooking process or just before your next party with your neighbors.

In summer and winter, your gas barbecue is faithful to the job!

Easy to light… Quick heating… Continuous gas supply… The advantages of a gas barbecue are significant! To choose the barbecue that best suits your needs, you should think about your lifestyle and keep it in mind when choosing the features, size and power of your barbecue. Simply contact us to connect your appliance to your city’s gas supply system. 

You will therefore have to check if your property is located in a neighbourhood served by the natural gas supply system in the Gatineau area. In this case, converting your propane BBQ to natural gas by connecting it to the gas supply system is definitely an advantageous option! If not, contact your local natural gas distributor, perhaps they are planning to expand their gas supply system to serve your area!


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Our certified technicians connect BBQs to natural gas or propane lines.

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