Gas furnaces and stoves are popular in the Gatineau area! Some models are sophisticated enough to connect to computerized temperature control systems, such as programmable thermostats.

Things to consider when choosing a gas furnace

With the technological advances of recent years, this type of heating device has gained in efficiency and power. Moreover, the energy efficiency of gas furnaces is as high as the one of electric furnaces. On the other hand, there are several elements to consider before purchasing a gas furnace.

Is your property located in a gas-served area in the Gatineau region?

If so, great! If not, check with your local natural gas supplier. Maybe a project to expand their gas network is in the air!

Is your property connected to natural gas lines?

Please note that our certified technicians can connect any type of appliance that can be powered by natural gas (or propane).

Do you have enough space for a gas furnace?

The lines, ducts and the appliance itself require more space than other types of furnaces.

Our knowledge, skills and experience allow us to guide you in the purchase of a heating system, taking into account the type of building. Don’t wait any longer! A quality heating system will allow you to be comfortable, sleep soundly and save money in the long term.

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Sales and installation

A wide selection of gas furnaces that our certified technicians can install.

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