Radiant floor heating consists of heating masses directly rather than the ambient air. This silent heating method provides a constant temperature and superior comfort. In-floor heating systems can be used as main heat sources or as auxiliary systems in combination with another heating system. Radiant heating is also the preferred system if you use solar energy to power your property.

How a radiant floor works

This heating system uses the radiation principle to diffuse heat. The wall, ceiling or floor stores heat through pipes or cables that circulate below the surface. This heat is then released by emitting infrared radiation that is invisible to the naked eye. 

Infrared radiation only heats the material, allowing the air to remain at a comfortable temperature without becoming stuffy. A room with an in-floor heating system is kept at a lower temperature than a conventional heating system. The comfort of the room remains the same while allowing you to save significant amounts of energy and heating costs.

Heated floor, a popular and discrete choice!

Floors are more popular than walls or ceilings as a source of radiant heat, because people appreciate being able to walk barefoot on a warm floor! It is also a discreet heating system. Because the device is hidden under the surface of the floor, it can easily be integrated into most designs. A well-insulated warm concrete floor can easily keep a house warm for 12 hours, allowing you to heat your home affordably.

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