At one point, access to a constant supply of hot water was a luxury that very few people could afford. Even today, many regions of the world still lack water heating systems. Fortunately, in Quebec, and particularly in Gatineau, most homes and buildings have water heating systems.

Hot water devices


At SAF Combustion, we sell, install, maintain and repair many water heating systems, whether it is to keep your pool water at a pleasant temperature or to ensure easy access to hot water just by turning the kitchen or bathroom tap.

For commercial or residential swimming pools, hotels or condominiums, it is always more pleasant to dive into well-tempered water with a pool heater.

Today, there are many water heater systems on the market. In Ottawa and Gatineau, a water heater can be with a tank or tankless, solar or condensing, with a heat pump, or combined with a boiler to heat both the air and water in your home or business.

Our specialists will be happy to explain the different commercial or residential water heating systems. We will support you in finding the best solution for you and your home or business.

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