VRF system

Designed to heat and cool depending on the area, VRF systems minimize the use of ductwork. This saves on the cost of large distribution fans, multiple water pumps and water piping. Energetically efficient and easy to design, install and maintain, a VRF system has the lowest life cycle cost of any system currently on the market.


Did you know that a well planned and installed ventilation system can make a big difference in your environment? We have many options to offer you and we will help you find the ones that best suit your needs. Our products work as much for air distribution as for source suction, such as a dust collector and exhaust fan.

Unités de toit

Roof units

From health to higher education, from office buildings to data centres – all projects are unique. Not all projects require the cost or complexity of a custom air handling unit. With YORK air handling units, you benefit from selection flexibility and performance. This unit, usually installed on the roof, saves office space while improving the comfort of your employees.

Cooling water tower

The cooling tower is a sophisticated, high-efficiency cooling system that can provide very large volumes of air conditioning. This type of system works like a heat exchanger, by direct contact between water and ambient air. Its effectiveness depends on the contact surface between the liquid element and the air. These systems therefore require careful and rigorous maintenance.

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